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Johanna Lenander is a New York-based, Swedish-born director of content and branding strategy who specializes in creating a compelling and authentic voice for brands. With a degree and background in journalism, she started her career as an editor at the Paris-based online magazine Fashion Live. She then worked as a freelance writer for publications such as W, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, New York, Nylon and Surface as well as a consultant for luxury brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren and LVMH. From there she transitioned into digital branding and e-commerce, leading content and editorial for companies like MoMA Design Store, Fab.com and most recently Paddle8. A gifted strategist and skilled writer, she blends the reporter’s investigative curiosity with the marketer’s passion for building strong and rewarding consumer relationships.


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— Joy To The World!

2010-12-04 – read the full post »

The online retail shop that Subports and I have been working on with the one and only Christian Joy is up just in time for Christmas! For thos e who don’t know her, CJ is a New York-based  artist and designer who makes all of Karen O’s amazing stage costumes (and some of her everyday tees and dresses too). This is the first time that Christian has made a collection based on her own  wardrobe and the result is cool, inspiring and completely stylish. No one else can manage to create super chic must-have footwear with a can of spray…

— Princess Superstar (and Friends)

2010-11-01 – read the full post »

Cinderella woke up in the morning, jumped up and down on the bed and yelled “I’m so ‘sited! I’m so ‘sited! It’s Haaallooweeen!” Then she stepped out in her plastic shoes, danced a little in the playground,  grabbed her pumpkin bucket and got candy from Steve Buscemi. When all the sweets in Park Slope had been claimed,  her friend Elmo and the Queen of Hearts came over to the castle and they ate their loot with record breaking speed. After that they felt pretty ‘sited again so they bounced across the bedroom like Cirque De Soleil without the safety nets…

— Salon Somnambuli

2010-10-24 – read the full post »

Elle Muliarchyk’s new guerrilla psychic fashion video Somanambuli has gotten a lot of play on the T blog and in the paper’s Sunday Styles section lately. The video, which is shot under cover, follows a the model Meghan Collison, dressed up in magazine-worthy outfits that project various fashion stereotypes, as she visits 10 psychics around town. Muliarchyk says that she wanted to explore how our appearances influence our fortunes and indeed , the choice of clothes did seem to greatly influence the readings.  (On the day she was dressed in hippie garb Collison was told clean up her act but…

— Deep Cuts

2010-10-20 – read the full post »

In the new issue of W, I write about the amazingly gifted and creative duo Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos’  new accessory line 1-100. The story also briefly mentions their new book project, but there are no images of it, so I wanted  show them here. The book is a documentation and extension of their show Hic & Nunc at Brachfeld Gallery in Paris: an “fake preservationist” installation of meticulously assembled cardboard skeletons of pre-historic animals. The book features photographs of the construction process (which took place in a huge Brooklyn warehouse) and pictures of  stranded skeletons on a beach.…

— Happy Birthday

2010-10-13 – read the full post »

We went apple picking in Rheinbeck, Then Alva and I found ourselves a little house. In the evening there was a crazy hail storm. It was a good day.

— Steeler Obsessions

2010-09-03 – read the full post »

My husband David Yellen  is participating in the exhibition WHATEVER IT TAKES: Steelers Fan Collections, Rituals, and Obsessions exhibition at the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. This photograph of a fantasy hair style by the legendary Detroit stylist Little Willie is featured. The picture was in our book Hair Wars, which celebrated the touring fantasy hair showcase of the same name.

— Meet Jon Ashe

2010-09-03 – read the full post »

My new favorite menswear label, Jon Ashe, applies the classic design principles of form and function with a Brooklyn hipster twist. Read all about it in my recent post for New York Times’ style blog The Moment

— “The Girl”

2010-08-26 – read the full post »

I have a small piece about the lovely new Swedish movie “The Girl” in the September issue of W. It opens in NYC on September 17 and will be playing at Cinema Village. Go see it.

— Alva Bear

2010-08-09 – read the full post »

This is my new favorite picture of my daughter that my husband David took last week. She looks like a messy angel – which is what she is.

— Elle’s Angels

2010-08-06 – read the full post »

I recently interviewed the artist and former model Elle Muliarchyk for the online magazine I edit,  vevant.com. Here’s a bit that didn’t make it in the piece. It’s Elle talking about the story behind her beautiful video The Last Poet. And, kind of like Elle herself,  it’s mysterious and somewhat otherworldly: “It’s a short movie that I made for the New York Times that was inspired by Wim Wender’s Wings of Desire aesthetically, but in fact is sort of auto-biographical. When I was growing up in Belarus, many young lonely girls of all ages would commit suicide by jumping off…

— Interview with Cindy Gallop – Mission magazine

2018-01-01 – view project »

Recently, I got to play journalist again and meet one of my idols. Read my interview with Cindy Gallop here or download the pdf.

— 2017 portfolio

2017-03-14 – view project »

To see the most recent samples of my work, please click here or download pdf to the right.

— Paul McCarthy x The Skateroom

2017-03-14 – view project »

When the great contemporary artist Paul McCarthy released a limited edition skateboard series with The Skateroom exclusively for MoMA, there was no digital platform where we could cohesively tell the many layers and aspects of the story. Instead I create and produced a print poster that doubled as a newsletter on one side. The piece was printed on newspaper and ended up looking kind of like a classic fanzine, something that felt very right for the project.

— Fab brandbook

2017-03-14 – view project »

This is one of my last projects for Fab.com and it’s also one of my favorites. As the company was experiencing an identity crisis, we put together this book to remind the team of what made the brand special in the first place. The concept of “Happy Modern” came from a presentation I created, and this book grew from there.

— Austere collaboration

2017-03-14 – view project »

In the summer of 2014, I worked with the Scandinavian design showroom Austere on a catalog that was displayed at its East Hampton outpost c/o The Maidstone. Our concept was to offer something more engaging than a listing of products and prices, instead we aimed to create a magazine that you could shop from.

— Fab portfolio

2015-08-25 – view project »

From 2011 – 2104, I was Fab.com’s founding Editorial Director and Senior Content Director.  I created the company’s brand voice and built the Editorial department. In addition, I oversaw branding and storytelling across the site, including brand publishing projects, email promotions and product launches. Click here to see samples of promotional and branding projects.

— MoMA portfolio

2015-08-25 – view project »

From the fall of 2014 to the spring of 2016, I headed up Content Marketing at The Museum of Modern Art’s retail division. I lead content creation and brand voice across digital platforms, catalog, print ads, in-store signage and exhibitions. Download the pdf to the right or click here to see samples of some of the projects I worked on. 

— Meet your makers—Branded content project for Fab

2014-03-16 – view project »

I worked at Fab.com for three years, and it was an incredibly rewarding experience. One of my favorite projects was this little miniature magazine we made in 2013. (Thank you Bradford!) It features the stories of ten designers and artists who worked closely with Fab in its first two years. The concept behind each story is based on the number 10 (because it’s magical…). I had the honor and pleasure to conceive the angle for each article, write most, and even source and concept photos with the subjects. It meant many wonderful conversations and meetings (Milton Glaser! Tom Dixon!) and…

— Inside Tabor in Charlotte, NC

2014-02-26 – view project »

https://gardenandgun.com/articles/southern-shops-tabor-in-charlotte-nc/ Laura Vinroot Poole has always done things differently. When she opened her Charlotte, North Carolina, women’s boutique, Capitol, in 1997, she combined hip high fashion—including many labels that had never come near the state before—with a shopping experience so warm and personal, women felt like they were visiting an old friend. But when her customers started asking her to offer clothing for their male companions, Vinroot Poole hesitated. “I was afraid of opening a store for men,” she says, “because I didn’t think I could understand them.” After she tried out the concept with a couple of pop-up shops, however, her…

— Girls On Film

2010-10-14 – view project »

Four naked Eastern European women with cameras may sound like a plot for pay per view porn, but is in fact the concept behind a new art collaboration. For the past year, the young artists Aneta Bartos, Martynka Wawrzyniak, Elle Muliarchyk and Yana Toyber have taken provocative, lusty, surreal, violent and tender photographs and videos of each other in the nude. “The work is so powerful, both culturally and aesthetically,” says the curator Anne Huntington, who is collaborating with the group on an early November exhibition. “It’s beautiful, raw and human, it’s almost like a purge.” To the artists, the…